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Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature by Ji-Hye Kim
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Tashkeel has organised Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature, a solo exhibition by Korean printmaker and artist Ji-Hye Kim. It marks the completion of her journey on the Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme (CPP) mentored by Isaac Sullivan, an interdisciplinary artist and academic based in Dubai. The show, which reflects the cyclical motion of elements and nature’s constant transformation, is being held at FN Designs and will run through the 19th of March, 2024.

The displayed artworks Kim produced while taking part in CPP are inspired by the magnificent beauty of mountains and their patterns, which is a central theme in her art. Exploring the intersection of self-identity and nature, the artist employs different printmaking techniques to capture the natural world’s vibrancy and texture in her works. The art pieces on view are presented as an installation, offering visitors an immersive 360° experience.

Ji-Hye Kim, Summits of Solitude Narratives in Nature, 8, 2024.
Silkscreen. 84 x 118 cm

“The exhibition delves into the symbolic strength of mountains, juxtaposing their enduring facade with the fragile […] layers beneath the surface”, Kim says. “This collection [is] an intimate dialogue with the landscape, encouraging viewers to reflect on the dynamic interplay of time and existence.”

About the artist

Ji-Hye Kim (b. 1980, Seoul, South Korea) received a BA degree in Printmaking from Hongik University (Seoul) in 2003. In 2005, she graduated from Camberwell College (London, UK) with an MA in Digital Art. The artist moved to the UAE in 2007 and has lived there since then.

Kim draws inspiration from Emirati mountains and depicts local nature using various techniques; she works mostly with printmaking and linocut. In her art, Kim explores such themes as origin, natural history, and the connection between mountains and personal identity.

Ji-Hye Kim, Narratives in Nature, 2024.

Kim has displayed her works in several exhibitions including the 11th Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival (Korean Pavilion) (UAE, 2023); Press Print (Aisha Alabbar Gallery, Dubai, 2023); the 10th Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival (UAE, 2022); The Philosophy of Food (Tashkeel, Dubai, 2022); the 4th International Miniature Printmaking Exhibition (Dubai Design Week, Dubai, 2022); and others. In 2022, Kim co-founded and became the inaugural president of KUACA (Korean UAE Art and Content Association). in the group’s inaugural exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center (Abu Dhabi).

Among Kim’s achievements is winning Radisson Red’s 2021 International Women’s Day Competition; she also was shortlisted for the National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) Art Competition (2022) and the Emirati Futurism Award – Fine Art (2021). In addition, the artist’s work Unity Prayers was featured in the 24th Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival (Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, 2021).

Ji-Hye Kim, Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature, 2, 2024.
Silkscreen. 84 x 118 cm

About the Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme

CPP is designed for contemporary artists who live and work in the UAE. It offers them sustained studio support, critique, and production for one year, which culminates in an exhibit, publication, or other digital or physical outcome. The programme of every participant is built around their practices and/or areas of research. The artists taking part in CPP work with mentors (they can be artists, curators, critics, or arts professionals) whose area of research and/or practice ties in with the proposed areas of focus.

To get more information about Summits of Solitude: Narratives in Nature, please visit the official web page of the exhibition.

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