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Arte Museum Dubai by d’strict
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On 19 February 2024, Arte Museum, an immersive media art exhibition space, opened its doors in the Dubai Mall and invites everyone to plunge headlong into a mesmerising digital realm. Launched in 2020, Arte Museum was developed by d’strict, an internationally known Korean media design company which is at the forefront of democratising visual art experiences. After opening its first venue in Jeju Island, South Korea, it has since expanded across the globe (with locations in Seoul, Hong Kong, and Las Vegas) and won several design awards, such as the iF Design Award.

Romantic Thunder (installation view). Arte Museum, Dubai, 2024.

The spectacular show hosted by Arte Museum Dubai focuses on the theme of Eternal Nature, presenting 14 interactive media art pieces that highlight nature’s beauty and power. On view are not only art pieces from Korea but also two new works drawing from the Middle Eastern landscapes and cultural heritage: Garden – Light Of Dubai and Live Canvas – Desert

Garden – Light Of Dubai (installation view). Arte Museum, Dubai, 2024.

The exhibition takes visitors on a breathtaking visual journey while engaging all their senses. Each of the 14 zones features mind-bending projections complemented by soundscapes, including lifelike nature sounds and evocative background music. These are created by Young-gyu Jang, an acclaimed composer. The artworks are completed with scents made by renowned perfumer Marianne Nawrocki Sabatier that recreate natural fragrances: those of water, earth, flowers, etc. This way, visitors get a fully immersive experience, taken to a surreal digital world. 

Flower – Camelia (installation view). Arte Museum, Dubai, 2024.

In the exhibition, you can admire an infinitely expanding Waterfall falling from 7m. height or spend some time on the Beach Aurora, watching the northern lights and splashing waves play. Speaking of the latter, among the installations on display is the huge 3D Wave constantly surging inside of what looks like an enormous glass box. You can also take a walk through a magical flower forest in the Flower – Camelia zone. Another experience offered by Arte Museum Dubai is to find yourself inside the most famous paintings in Western art history (including those by Van Gogh and Claude Monet) in the Garden – Light of Masterpieces hall.

Waterfall Infinite (installation view). Arte Museum, Dubai, 2024.

In one of the sections of the show, Live Sketchbook – Night Safari, visitors can draw an animal on paper, scan it, and bring it to life on the walls, complete with the sights and sounds of the night jungle. Of course, the section may be especially interesting to young art lovers, but we are sure some adults would not refuse to join this exciting activity as well. 

To learn more about Arte Museum Dubai and buy tickets, please visit its official website

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