Garden Tomorrow Hannes Schauer
Hannes Schauer’s Garden of Tomorrow
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Garden of Tomorrow is Hannes Schauer’s solo exhibition presented by the ESMB Gallery. The Austrian artist, who considers painting a refuge from the world’s noise and a space for quiet contemplation, gets his inspiration from nature. In his works, he aims to encapsulate its wisdom. On display at the Foundry Downtown in Dubai, the show will be open to the public until the 3rd of January, 2024.  

Hannes Schauer, Garden of Tomorrow (installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2023.

The exhibition features Schauer’s newest series of paintings (fifteen in total) titled Garden of Tomorrow. The vibrant works depicting abstract flora present a utopic realm, a future replicating the harmony of a garden. Through these hypnotising compositions, which are painted in natural colours, the artist asks his audience: what if our presence on this planet was different — less exploitative? He offers one to imagine another mode of being and admire the natural world’s majesty.

About the artist

Hannes Schauer (b. 1975, Austria) is an artist and electronic music composer: whose exhibitions are often accompanied by musical performances. In 1999, he graduated from the Academy for Arts, Crafts & Design (Kramsach, Tyrol, Austria). The artist lives in works in Vienna (Austria), although he has experience living in different places, such as the UK, Turkey, and Southeast Asian countries.

Hannes Schauer, Discussion, 2023. Mixed media on canvas. 207 x 207 cm l 81 1/2 x 81 1/2 in

Schauer has worked with many different materials such as wood, glass, metal, enamel, and ceramics. However, his art practice is mostly dedicated to painting. “[It is] my way of connecting and sharing, of passing on truth, being genuine and literally showing my true colours,” the artist says. At the beginning of his artistic journey, he was a portraitist and later turned to abstract Expressionism.

Defying traditional work processes, Schauer’s work is rooted in accidents, mistakes, and experiments that occur along the way. To produce another of his paintings, he lays the canvas on the floor and splashes it with diluted ink and acrylic paint. As he applies the next layers of paint, the initial layer completely transforms, serving as a partially visible base for the finished artwork. Then the canvas is hung on the wall so gravity pulls the water down. Schauer captures its flow with a sponge and creates patterns based on those in nature.

Hannes Schauer, Nannou, 2023. Acrylic on canvas. 92 1/2 × 84 3/5 × 1 3/5 in | 235 × 215 × 4 cm

To get more information about Garden of Tomorrow, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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