Dream Chronicles Akhmedov Sabirov
Dream Chronicles in ToDA
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The Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) in Dubai has collaborated with Andakulova Gallery to organise Dream Chronicles, an immersive pop-up exhibition by renowned Uzbek painter Timur Akhmedov and sculptor Alfiz Sabirov, who create metaphorical realms in their art. With the help of a 360-degree projection of images over the walls and ceiling, ToDA allows visitors to find themselves right “inside” the artists’ captivating and symbolic works. The show will be open to the public until the 14th of April, 2024.

Through his enigmatic art pieces, Timur Akhmedov aims to awaken the viewer’s imagination. Inspired by his dreams, myths, modern technology, and just the world surrounding him, the artist uses vivid colours to portray and delve into human emotions, experiences, and moods as well as convey movement. Akhmedov’s exquisite paintings, which brim with symbols and metaphors, depict a surreal kaleidoscopic world full of flowers and inhabited by graceful elongated figures.

Timur Akhmedov, Paradise. Oil on Canvas. 80 x 150 cm

Alfiz Sabirov, a master of shapes, produces diverse artworks, employing unexpected combinations of materials and textures. Sabirov’s sculptures — gods, heroes, princesses, animals (horses, leopards, and other animals that figure in Tengrism, the most ancient Turkic philosophy), totems — present his own mythology built on the Tatar culture. Offering a fresh perspective on myths, the images Sabirov uses can help one understand the relationship between love and hate, chaos and space, life and death, ancient and new.

About the artists

Timur Akhmedov (b. 1968, Tashkent, Uzbekistan) studied painting at the Republican College of Art (Tashkent). After his graduation in 1987, he entered the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, where he studied in the Department of Illustration. In 1997, Akhmedov won the Grand Prix of Biennale Asia – Art, Uzbekistan. A London Member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the artist spent a year (1998–1999) at Studio Royal Academy (London, UK).

Akhmedov has showcased his works in numerous exhibitions and art events, including NordArt (Germany, 2021), Twelve Symbols (Tashkent, 2020); World Art Dubai (2016), St. Moritz Art Fest (Switzerland, 2008); London Art Fair (UK, 2007); Contemporary Art Fair (Glasgow, UK, 2005); and others.

Timur Akhmedov, New Morning, 2010. Oil on canvas. 165.1 x 137.2 cm

Alfiz Sabirov (b. 1985) studied at a pedagogical school, from which he graduated in 2001. From 2005 to 2011, he was among the students of the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ilya Glazunov. In 2017, Sabirov joined the Union of Artists of Russia and became a laureate of the Baki Urmanche Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Since 2013, the sculptor has been exhibiting his art widely. His creations can be found in many museums and private collections. Besides, Sabirov has worked with some internationally famous brands such as Lexus, Louis Vuitton, and Caparol.

To get more information about Dream Chronicles, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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