Foundry AGH1 Exhibition
Foundry: AGH1 Collective Exhibition
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Fakewhale has organised AGH1, a group exhibition curated by Giuseppe Moscatello that presents an eponymous collaborative project by three artists: Kim Asendorf, Andreas Gysin, and Leander Herzog. It emphasises the computer as the central subject of artistic exploration and glorifies it by combining generative art and architectural coding. Debuted at the Funkhaus in Berlin last December, the show is currently on view at Foundry Downtown in Dubai and will remain open until 24 March 2024.

The exhibition transcends conventional architectural design norms and digital practices, featuring abstract real-time animations. Geometrical shapes and deep colours emerge over time and space in these works, which begin as simple compositions and then become more complex. AGH1’s constantly changing artworks portray reality through the dialogue between hardware and software and symbolise societal progress and innovation.

AGH1 Dubai (an installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2024.

The displayed art pieces are devoid of any defined narrative, thus enabling spectators to interpret the work in new ways. Speaking about the ‍AGH1 project, Andreas Gysin says that they (Asendorf, Herzog, and he) do not have much of a narrative overlay in their work. “There is no second layer of meaning,” he explains. “[So] there is a certain honesty, and there is also a certain safety because the [art]work cannot be [really] misinterpreted.”

The AGH1 show is a metaphor for the human condition in the 21st century. It prompts us to reflect on how we experience art and navigate a world where digital constructs and physical reality are deeply connected.

AGH1 Dubai (an installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2024.

About the artists

Kim Asendorf is a visual artist based in Bremen (Germany) who employs conceptual strategies and generative systems to produce abstract animations, images, and sculptures. He works on a per-pixel level to create worlds that combine simplicity with complexity and can mesmerise the viewer. With his practice rooted in Net Art, Asendorf keeps his work accessible. He has displayed his creations in different festivals and fairs including, for example, the Overlapping Biennial Bucharest (Romania) and the Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair (London, UK).

Andreas Gysin is an artist, graphic designer, and coder residing in Lugano (Switzerland). His work based on research, experimentation, analysis, and discovery lies at the intersection of art and technology. Passionate about coding, computers, and computer games since the 1980s, in his practice, Gysin recombines elements in new ways, which leads to a style characterised by a kinetic and generative nature.

AGH1 Dubai (an installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2024.

To create another work of his, the artist makes pencil sketches to capture initial ideas. After that, he uses different tools and software (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Director, Flash, Processing, and QuarkXpress). His art pieces encourage us to think about our relationships with the world and consider innovative approaches to connecting with art and technology.

Leander Herzog (b. 1984) is a visual artist living and working in Switzerland who has been creating images with code since 2006. Herzog also has experience in building digital products in the design and tech industry. In 2021, the artist started finding, collecting, and creating NFTs. Currently, he focuses on web-based generative art and codes real-time animations. His work explores the multiplicity of digital ownership; it often references contemporary art history and reflects on the omniscience of technology.

AGH1 Dubai (an installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2024.

Herzog’s creations have been showcased in some public institutions and galleries, such as Transmediale Berlin & DAM Gallery (Germany), Kunsthaus Pasquart (Switzerland), and Kunsthalle Zürich (Switzerland). He often works with artists like Kim Asendorf, Addie Wagenknecht, and Milian Mori, which includes projects commissioned by the Whitney Museum (New York, USA) and HEK (Haus der Elektronischen Künste Basel) (Switzerland).

To get more information about the AGH1 exhibition, please visit its official web page.

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