The Sonic Image by Lawrence Abu Hamdan at Sharjah Art Foundation
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Turner Prize winner and sonic investigator Lawrence Abu Hamdan presents his largest institutional solo exhibition. This major retrospective, “The Sonic Image”, is held at Sharjah Art Foundation until July 4, 2022.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s art expresses how the experience of listening can demonstrate elaborate details of the challenging social, political and economic spheres in which we live.

The exhibition poses questions: How does one make visible the stories that exist outside of the human field of vision? Can rendering and imagining the frequencies and simulations of sound reveal narratives concealed from history?

The Dubai-based British-Lebanese artist, or “private ear”, is one of the rare artists working with sound and the politics of listening today. The artist uses forensic techniques to reverse-engineer sonic leakages and trace to reveal hidden armatures of surveillance and carceral control.

Together, these artworks investigate the boundaries between voice and speech, translation and testimony, representation and reincarnation, and the power of sound and image.