#Art4GlobalGoals: new art installation in Burj Park
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Art has the power to move people. This is why #Art4GlobalGoals has translated the Global Goals into the language of art – at the hand of 20-years-old artist Leon  Lowentraut. His work is known as young, vigorous, colorful ang electric. He himself refers to his art as “expressive-abstract”.

140 tonnes Global Gate by young German artist Leon Lowentraut is a colourful installation placed in Burj Park, just in view of Burj Khalifa.  It was previously shown in Frankfurt and now was moved to Dubai with aims to amplify a message for a better world. This art object was inaugurated in Frankfurt in November 2020 and was on display until February 2021. Dubai is its second stop since its unveiling.

The massive gate is covered in the drawings that relate to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. The goals function as a kind of call-to-action for countries to address issues around poverty, health, education, economic growth, gender equality, peace and climate change. To emphasise its global message, the Sustainable Development Goals have been explained in 12 languages.

The Global Goals are one of the greatest opportunities of all time. But they need attention, especially from young people. Art creates such attention, especially when this art is as loud, courageous and passionate as this gate.

Visitors can experience the work fully by walking under the gate’s five passages and seeing the contents on the walls up close.  Lowentraut is an artist from Dusseldorf who draws inspiration from Picasso, Matisse and Basquiat for his expressive and vibrant style. 

Lowentraut’s art is part of the UN’s #Art4GlobalGoals campaign, a travelling show, which will run until 2030