Iwan Maktabi’s Ode to Flying Carpets at Alserkal Avenue
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Visitors are welcome to see the new exhibition, Ode To Flying Carpets, at Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 32. The exhibition explores the beautiful world of exquisite antique carpets. The private collection gathered carefully by three generations showcases rare carpets, the most notable of which are the Saffron dyed Royal Tabriz Gonbad and the larger than life Bakhtiar carpet tree of life design dated 1330 Hijri. The exhibition is open until May 8th, 2022.

The oldest in the Maktabi family, Hussein Maktabi, immigrated from Isphahan to Beirut in 1926. Collecting fine oriental carpets was his hobby, the same as his father’s. When he arrived in Lebanon, a new opportunity for knowledge and expertise about the variety of carpets appeared before him. Since then, Hussein and his sons have indeed become premier traders of antique and decorative carpets in the Middle East.

The family has been doing business not only in the Middle East but in Europe too.  Iwan Maktabi Gallery was opened in 1995. In the region, it became one of the main places for finding rare carpets and textile art. The three generations of expertise and a big family private collection of carpets were the reasons why Iwan Maktabi was admired in Lebanon and the region.

Beirut-based Iwan Maktabi’s special projects are created in the Iwan Maktabi Lab, the research and experimentation platform. Amazing carpets are created there by combining technology and innovative materials with traditional weaving techniques and other traditional crafts. The Lab aims at building a world with more sustainability, inventiveness and connectivity.