Crafting Spaces M7
Crafting Spaces at M7
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M7 in Doha, Qatar, is staging Crafting Spaces, a group exhibition featuring seven Qatari and Qatar-based designers: Abdulrahman Al Muftah, Aisha Al Suwaidi, Booabbood, Shaikha Al Sulaiti, Thomas Modeen, FROMM x Shua’a Ali, and Wadha Al Hajri. One has the opportunity to look at their unconventional and stylish furniture pieces. The show is free to attend and will be open to the public until the 9th of December, 2023.

Taking cues from art, Qatari culture, and nature, Abdulrahman Al Muftah‘s work focuses on a deeper connection between human emotions and design. In the exhibition, Al Muftah presents his Msheireb Chair. As its title suggests, it celebrates Msheireb Downtown Doha. The design is inspired by the architecture and cultural elements of this historic area. The chair is made from travertine (a form of terrestrial limestone), which pays tribute to the primary material used in the construction of Msheireb.

Abdulrahman Al Muftah, Msheireb Chair.

In her work, Aisha Al Suwaidi deals with memory, nostalgia, and traces of time. To create her Shifted Reality: Remembrance of a Majlis displayed in the exhibition, she drew from her childhood memories. Al Sowaidi would spend her time after school in the outside Majlis (a living room built as an extension to the main house), where she would lie on the Misnad, a traditional floor seating cushion.

Booabbood, a creative duo comprising Amanda and Jo Booabbood, displays one of its Dervish Light lamps. The series draws inspiration from the dervishes’ ritual dance. The spinning motion symbolises the cycle of life as well as the orbits of heavenly bodies.

Shaikha Al Sulaiti, an award-winning designer and the interior design manager at Msheireb Properties, showcases her Carrom Table, a game table. Its design is inspired by traditional Qatari jewellery called hilaliya. It is highlighted by the brass inlay with mother-of-pearl accents and a solid walnut frame and legs.

Shaikha Al Sulaiti, Carrom Table.

Thomas Modeen is an architect, designer, and co-founder of Architects Independent, an interdisciplinary design and filmmaking studio. The exhibition features his Sadu String Cabinet. The furniture piece uses Sadu thread (usually used to produce traditional Middle Eastern fabrics) as a wrapped cabinet surface.

Shua’a Ali and the FROMM Design Team present Zal Carpet. Drawing inspiration from the traditional nomad-style tents of the Middle East, the piece is based on the historic layering technique using colour and texture. The employed colour palette refers to the Qatari desert and coastal landscapes.

FROMM x Shua’a Ali, Zal Carpet.

In the show, Wadha Al Hajri, a fashion and interior designer, is represented by her elegant Cross Chair that combines comfort with versatility. It is available in two versions: a mirror-finished stainless-steel chair and an upholstered one with detachable cushions.

To learn more about Crafting Spaces, please visit the show’s official web page.

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