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1×1 Art Gallery: MULTIVERSE by klove
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1×1 Art Gallery in Dubai is holding MULTIVERSE by klove, a luxury design studio founded by Indian artists Prateek Jain and Gautam Set. On view are their outstanding glass lighting sculptures, which, according to the artists, “are designed to bring you beauty or peace”. The show will be open to the public until the 6th of February, 2024.

The klove studio’s practice is based on reviving and preserving the art of glassblowing. “At klove, […] we are storytellers [narrating] tales of culture, tradition, and innovation through the medium of blown glass,” says Jain. A testament to the philosophy of “slow design”, the studio’s sculptures are painstakingly handcrafted by traditional Indian artisans. Inspired by different cultures, these works demonstrate the interplay between ancient techniques and contemporary practices. 

Each of klove’s collections is centred around a particular core idea. For example, the Shamanic Soul series of works reflects the artists’ interest in symbols and totems: it delves into the life of a travelling gipsy. Totems Over Time (the following collection) draws from a similar theme. It re-imagines age-old symbols of social and sacred relevance. In this collection inspired by tribal iconography and themes, Jain and Set wanted to create their own totems which could evoke specific emotions. 

klove, Protection (from the Totems Over Time collection). White glass, black glass with MOP, black glass in gun metal finish. 228 x 180 cm.

One of klove’s series of light sculptures, the Goa Collection, is dedicated to the 1970s era of Goa. It reminds us of the relationship that humans share with each other and with nature. The other collection, Nordic, pays tribute to the Nordic landscape and mythology. The Indian Collection celebrates the country’s diversity of religions, languages, and cultures, while the Mid-Century Modern series takes cues from the “uber modern” city of Chandigarh and Le Corbusier (a pioneer of modern architecture) as well as urban designer Pierre Jeanneret. 

klove, Linear Goa. White glass, clear glass with MOP, pale orange glass, jade mint glass, green glass, veneer, black metal finish, and antique brass.
137 x 140 x 400 cm.

About the studio

Based in New Delhi (India), klove was established in 2005 to experiment with objects and light and “investigate its form in various dimensions”, as Prateek Jain explains. The studio blends Indian craftsmanship with handmade glassblowing techniques to create remarkable art pieces. Along with blown glass, such materials as stones, brass, metal, and wood are also used to produce unique chandeliers, pendant and floor lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps, and home accessories. The studio also creates sculptures and installations designed especially for indoor and outdoor commercial spaces. 

klove, Geodesic. Pale orange to clear glass, amber glass, frosted glass, charcoal glass in black metal, and brass finish. 104 x 74 x 229 cm.

The klove studio is internationally recognised: its works have been showcased in various prestigious design exhibitions including Salon Art+Design New York, Maison Objet Paris, Downtown Design Dubai, Elle Decor Design New Delhi, and Architectural Design Mumbai. The studio has collaborated with famous brands such as Swarovski, BMX, Bombay Sapphire, Arttd’inox, and others.

To get more information about MULTIVERSE, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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