Artist’s Rooms Ayesha Sultana
“Artist’s Rooms: Ayesha Sultana” at Jameel Arts Centre
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During the period from December 2022 to May 2023 Jameel Arts Centre is presenting the exhibition “Artist’s Rooms: Ayesha Sultana”. Artist’s Rooms is a series of solo exhibitions by innovative and influential artists, drawn largely from the Art Jameel Collection. It focuses mainly on practitioners from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Visitors will be able to see Ayesha’s art works until the 14th of May, 2023.

Ayesha Sultana, Outside the Field of View IX (2014). Graphite on acid-free paper. 28.7 x 36.08 cm. Courtesy the artist and Experimenter.

The current exhibition brings together Ayesha’s recent works on paper. Those images are every day iconography of her home city of Dhakah and other cities she travels to. Those impressions can be architectural features, wall textures or the form of street corners, which materialised and were transferred to paper. Ayesha Sultana’s art is not just observation of forms, but of material, movement, and distance. Sometimes in her works positioned near windows daylight can spontaneously become a part of the artwork. Ayesha works in different mediums and techniques, but she has a specific interest in the features of materials she uses in the act of making.

Ayesha Sultana, Park (2010). Oil on canvas. 104 x 64 cm. Courtesy Experimenter.

Ayesha Sultana studied Fine Art in Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. She completed her Bachelor Degree in 2007 and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art Education in 2008. Nowadays she lives and works in Georgia, USA. 

In Autumn 2022 – Winter 2023 Jameel Arts Centre also features art rooms by two other artists: Risham Syed and Daniele Genadry in Galleries 2 and 3.

Non-profit Jameel Arts Centre is funded by the Saudi Arabian organisation Art Jameel and led by Antonia Carver. It is showing mainly Middle Eastern and African art, but also international contemporary art. Jameel Art Collection includes artists such as Kader Attia, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmian, Ahmed Mater and Conrad Shawcross.

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