Alserkal Avenue Welcomes Michael Sailstorfer: Heavy Eyes
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At Carbon 12, Alserkal Avenue, Michael Sailstorfer’s solo exhibition “Heavy Eyes” will be open to visitors from March 8th to May 5th, 2022, investigating materiality and allegory through the artist’s series of eyeshadow-on-lead paintings.

Berlin-based artist Michael Sailstorfer uses unconventional materials to explore social and historical developments informed by industrial production. Using eyeshadow pigments collected from cosmetic companies and applying them onto lead panels, he examines the tangled connections between various media and their more immediate or imaginative associations. The combination of these materials may initially seem in patent opposition, but of course this is by design. Presented in a traditionally formal and modernist manner, these works refer to a number of diverse art historical contexts while simultaneously creating new aesthetic and metaphoric positions

In “Heavy Eyes”, the artist explores the notion of “weight” in its many possibilities of understanding — from the perspective of the material or physical to the humanistic emotions of burden and sadness. His diverse, sculptural investigations revolve around deconstructing everyday objects and situating them in different circumstances. 

In choosing the title for the exhibition, Michael Sailstorfer directly referenced his choice of materials for this series and the physical and metaphoric implications therein.

Founded in 2008, Al Quoz-based gallery Carbon 12 continuously introduces and promotes both established and emerging artists to the UAE contemporary art scene. 

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