Al Madam Village: Mysterious Place in the Sands
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To reach Al Madam Village from Dubai, take the E44. This tiny ghost village lies lost in the sand on a strip of desert. It comprises two rows of colourful houses and a mosque at one end, all engulfed by the dunes. 

Outlines of former homes are still visible but the all-consuming sand rolls in like waves, pouring through the windows, filling the courtyards. The way nature has taken over these old buildings is poetic. According to legend, people could not cope with the genies who filled their houses with sand and left the village. The view of the village, sand dunes, and an incredible tree in the middle of the sands is unusual and transports you to a different world, like a fairy tale.

Built around 1970, Al Madam has just about 12 homes, a mosque and the allure of mystery. According to some locals this mysterious place was once inhabited by the Al Kutbii tribe. Locals also believe that there is something mysterious in the sand that caused it to invade the houses, leading the locals to flee the village.

Not a soul remains to tell its story. But Al Madam has become an increasingly attractive destination for thrill-seeking day trippers.

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