‘Abstraction, A Visual Reality’ at Opera Gallery Dubai
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At Opera Gallery in Dubai, the exhibition “Abstraction, A Visual Reality” showcases various approaches towards abstraction. A diversity of methodologies and aspirations arise from such dialogues. However, through this multiplicity, one can also recognise shared influences in the artworks.

Sam Francis. Untitled. 1987. Acrylic on canvas. 183,2 x 183,2 cm

The artworks presented in the exhibition, “Abstraction, A Visual Reality”, were created from 1954 to 2021, a wide breadth of time during which abstraction has known many twists and turns. We can see the surrealist revolution in the paintings of Alexander Calder and Joan Miró, the lyrical abstraction of painters such as Georges Mathieu, Chu Teh-Chun and Hans Hartung, the groundbreaking inclusion of space and volume in the specialist creations of Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana and Turi Simeti and much more.

Georges Mathieu. Nantouillet II. 1986. Oil on canvas. 60 x 180 cm

The abstract art movement has used a visual language of forms, colours and lines to create compositions independently from the world’s visual references. In doing so, the abstract artists have chosen to interpret a subject without providing their viewer with a known or recognisable reference to explain it. Freeing themselves from the obligation to depict the subject as it appears, the abstract artists take us into a new artistic territory. 

In the exhibition, amidst the diversity of movements and philosophies, one can decipher early researches, experimentations and revolutions, and see the presence of ancestors of abstractions, innovators who have laid the way for the artists to develop their own language.

Hans Hartung. P40-1984-H3. 1984. Acrylic on baryted cardboard. 90 x 120 cm

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