What Lies Within
Exhibition ‘What Lies Within’ will be on display in AlUla
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A new exhibition ‘What Lies Within’ curated by artist Lulwah AlHomoud will feature works from the private collection of Saudi patron and collector Basma AlSulaiman.

A collection of seminal works by Saudi artists are set to be exhibited at Maraya in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, spanning  the past two decades of the private collection of Saudi collector, Basma AlSulaiman. This is a first in a series of Saudi patrons and collectors of art who have paved the way for the arts in the country on a cultural level.

The exhibition has been curated by artist Lulwah AlHomoud and expresses AlSulaiman’s connection to local and contemporary culture. It is a tribute to her work supporting Saudi creatives, transcending across artistic disciplines, including painting,  photography, among others. Each artist selected for the exhibition has a unique, holistic approach to exploring the past, present, and future, with a range of themes around heritage, identity, and place.

The collection is AlSulaiman’s dedication to the loving memory of her son, Mohammed Al Juffali. “I have sought to make my collection available to as many people as possible all over the world by embracing technology and creating a virtual museum,” says AlSulaiman. “To now be bringing these works to physical audiences in AlUla continues my desire to make art accessible to the public. This dynamic and varied exhibition is a testament to the innovation and creativity of a generation of key Saudi artists whose works explore a range of themes around heritage, identity, and place.”


The theme of time is prevalent across the show with each participating artist referencing either the past, present or the future. Some reconfigure memories and found objects into new formations, while others tap into introspection to reflect global issues or shift their focus on spirituality in an ever-changing local and global landscape.

‘What Lies Within’ takes place as a highlight of AlUla Arts, the inaugural arts festival, and one of four distinct festivals under the winter events umbrella of AlUla Moments. Works from the Basma AlSulaiman collection will be exhibited at the Maraya Hall, AlUla, from 11 February to 20 March 2022.