MOON Moon World Resort
The MOON Project by the Moon World Resort Inc.
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Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) founded by businessman Michael Henderson and businesswoman Sandra Matthews from Canada is planning to add a gigantic sphere to Dubai’s skyline. The ambitious $5 billion project called MOON, which focuses on cutting-edge architecture, engineering, design, and technologies, will be a resort offering its guests to explore space tourism and is expected to welcome 10 million visitors per year.

With an overall height of 224 m and diameter of 198 m, the moon-shaped building is planned to be built according to LEED Gold Five Star standards and operate at a Five Diamond Level. MOON’s exterior will be built from a carbon fiber composite, while the columns which support the sphere will be made of concrete and steel.

One of the project’s concept sketches: view from MOON’s lunar surface.

Comprising the Lower Disc, the Middle Disc, and the Upper Disc, MOON will offer its guests a full range of public amenities: meeting spaces, restaurants, spa, show theaters, lounges, boutiques, night clubs, casino, business centers, and many more. There will be 4000 luxury hotel suites and 300 private residences (Sky Villas) available for purchase. The owners will be granted membership to a private club with exclusive benefits and privileges. MOON will also house a training platform for different space agencies and their astronauts.

The resort’s main attraction, a large lunar surface in its inner part, will give visitors an affordable opportunity to become space tourists. Designed to make one feel as if they were on the Moon’s surface, it will include a “lunar colony”. The visitors dressed in space gear will be able to enjoy low-gravity walks or also experience zero-gravity. To reach the upper part of MOON, where the lunar surface is situated, guests will use a high-speed shuttle system (“moon shuttle”).

A concept of the “moon shuttle”.

Moon World Resorts Inc. aims to build its resort in four regions: Asia, Europe, North America, and MENA. In the latter region, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia are considered. If the MOON project is approved by Dubai’s government, the company expects it to be completed in 48 months and opened in 2027.

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