Dubai Urban Tech District
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The Dubai Urban Tech District project is designed by Baharash Architecture and developed by URB. According to the developer, the district “will become a living laboratory where innovation and entrepreneurship in urban technology come together […]”. Covering an area of 140,000 sq m, it will provide 4,000 people with jobs in green urban technology,  education, and training. The construction of Dubai Urban Tech District is to begin by 2024 and to be finished by 2030.

Using the term “urban tech”, one describes technologies that address the challenges of city life and the ecological challenges. Including urban tech in the planning of cities would make the environment more livable for their citizens. The main goal of urban tech districts is to contribute to the development of companies that are advancing such technologies to form a connected urban tech system.

Dubai Urban Tech District will offer a whole range of ultra-modern facilities for working and co-working, training, educating, researching, and holding conferences and seminars; a number of various dining options will also be available. The district will include the Urban Tech Institute that aims to encourage innovative initiatives by investing in applied research and promoting collaborative events such as workshops, lectures, and exhibitions. 

As a zero-carbon project, Dubai Urban Tech District will include a special tenant zero carbon program which each business in the district is offered to enroll in to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize operational performance. 

When developing the design of the buildings, careful attention was paid to reducing their general energy demand and improving operational efficiency, safety, and security. Here, sensors play a central role: due to them, automatic adjustments of the inside light and temperature and detecting motion, moisture, fire, etc. are made possible. The interior spaces are also designed to create a healthy office environment. Convenient working areas and places where one can take a break away from their desk will feature greenery and other natural elements. 

To get more information about Dubai Urban Tech District, please visit the project’s official web page.

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