Art Calligraphy Workshop Tashkeel
The Art of Calligraphy Workshop from Tashkeel
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On the 3d of August, 2022, visitors of Tashkeel contemporary art center will be welcome to participate in a one-day workshop dedicated to the art of calligraphy. It’s called Introduction to Naskh Script.

Participants will be able to learn Naskh, the ancient Arabic calligraphy script. The workshop will be led by calligrapher Uday Al-Araji, who will present an overview of its ancient and contemporary uses and contextualise its significance to the region. Visitors are going to identify the differences between singular and connected letters and write popular proverbs and idioms with the use of different calligraphy tools such as calligraphy reeds, pens, black ink and Cochet papers. At the end of the workshop, Uday Al-Araji will present each participant with her or his name written in the Naskh script.

Calligraphy is one of the fine arts. Calligraphy is often referred to as the art of beautiful writing. The modern definition of calligraphy is as follows: the art of designing signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.

Naskh is one of the six traditional Arabic handwritings. It is the main and most common script for writing most languages that use the Arabic alphabet. Naskh became widespread in the Arab world in the 15th century, replacing the more complex Thuluth. The Quran, hadiths and other Islamic literature have been copied in naskh. Once a calligraphic style, now naskh has become the most common and simple script, which is used in writing almost throughout the Arab world and is taught in schools.

Uday Al-Araji was born in Baghdad in 1973. He has been fond of Arabic calligraphy and drawing since childhood. Al-Araji studied Arabic calligraphy at the Iraqi Calligraphers Association and completed Al-Ruq’a and Diwani scripts. Al-Araji has received various local and international awards and took part in many private and public exhibitions. 

The workshop will be held from 5pm until 7pm at Tashkeel Nad Al Sheba. The fee is AED 233.33 (+VAT) per person. Visitors have to keep in mind that this workshop will be held in Arabic.

To learn more about the event, please visit the official webpage of Tashkeel

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