ME tamorphosis of Colours by Timur Akhmedov
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Collaborating with Andakulova Gallery Dubai and Legends Arts Club, the ME Dubai Hotel presents ME tamorphosis of Colours, a stunning solo show by one of the outstanding Uzbek artists Timur Akhmedov. It celebrates his love of colour, his versatility, and his never-ending search for new ways to express himself. The artist’s works, through which he aims to awaken the viewer’s imagination, are hung on the hotel’s lobby walls. They are also presented in a digital form, being displayed on a screen.

Akhmedov is a recognised master of colour. He employs a vibrant colour palette in his art to skillfully portray and explore human emotions, experiences, and moods and convey movement. Unfolding into profound narratives, the artist’s awe-inspiring paintings brim with symbols and metaphors. They depict a dream-like kaleidoscopic world full of flowers which is inhabited by graceful elongated figures, mostly female ones. Through these sublime characters always wearing elaborate clothes and dramatic headpieces, the artist highlights the complexity and beauty of femininity.

Timur Akhmedov, Untitled, 2017. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm.

About the artist

Timur Ernst Akhmedov (b. 1968, Tashkent, Uzbekistan) studied painting at the Republican College of Art, Tashkent, from which he graduated in 1987. After that, he pursued his education at the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan (the Department of Illustration). In 1997, the artist became the winner of the Grand Prix of Biennale Asia – Art, Uzbekistan. A London Member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, he also spent a year (1998–1999) at Studio Royal Academy, London, UK.

To create his mystical paintings, Akhmedov draws inspiration from a full range of sources, among which are his dreams, myths, modern technology, and just the world around him. Usually, the artist gives no titles to his works, thus, the spectator is encouraged to interpret each artwork as they please.

Timur Akhmedov, Still Life, 2017. Oil on canvas. 100 x 200 cm.

Akhmedov has taken part in a plethora of exhibitions and art events: NordArt (Germany, 2021), World Art Dubai (2016), Art Fair Dubai (2014); St. Moritz Art Fest (Switzerland, 2008); London Art Fair (UK, 2007); Contemporary Art Fair (Glasgow, UK, 2005), Café, Art Fair (Edinburg, Scotland, 2004), to name a few. He has exhibited his artworks at such art institutions and galleries as Ilkhom Theatre (Uzbekistan), The Biscuit Factory Gallery (New Castle, UK), Cherry Crick Gallery (Oxted, Surrey, UK), Galina Maxwell Gallery (Richmond, UK), Master Gallery (Moscow, Russia), and many others.

The ME tamorphosis of Colours exhibition is part of Cultural Connections, the ME Dubai Hotel’s initiative. The show will be open to the public until 8 October 2023. To get more information about it, please visit the Andakulova Gallery’s official website.

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