Nika Rubinshtein's ToDA
Nika Rubinshtein’s Solo Show at ToDA
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In collaboration with the Mute. gallery, the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) in Dubai presents multidisciplinary artist Nika Rubinshtein’s pop-up solo show. Thanks to the immersive experience provided by the Theatre, one has the opportunity to almost literally dive into her mesmerising art. On view are the artist’s series of works Ghosts We Carry and Woman Hunt. The exhibition will run through the 21st of December, 2023.

In the Ghosts We Carry series, Rubinshtein reflects the collective human feelings of today. She portrays disorientation, the crumbling of once-secure connections, and the quest for individual identity in an abstract form. Depicted objects flow into each other and mirror the complexity of contemporary life. The Woman Hunt collection celebrates modern femininity. Rubinshtein dedicates it to the women, fierce champions of their rights and desires, whose power is still opposite to those in the traditional male perspective.

Nika Rubinshtein, Shadows in the Woods, 2022. Acrylic, water, raw canvas. 140 х 120 см

About the artist

Nika Rubinshtein (b. 1991), who resides in Israel, studied at the Krasnopresnenskaya Art School (Moscow, Russia) and pursued her education at the European Institute of Design (Milan, Italy). She worked as an interior designer and creative director, however, in 2019, Rubinshtein started her career as an independent artist. 

Rubinshtein’s art practice lies at the intersection of the material world and the spiritual one. In her paintings characterised by soft colour palettes, she gives a form to ephemeral moments, complex feelings, and the unknown. To blur the boundaries between the two worlds, she balances between the figurative and the abstract. The artist paints only on unprimed fabrics and stretches canvases by herself. A key medium she employs in her work is water. She wets the canvas’ surface and after that paints with synthetic dyes. They react chemically with water and stain the fabric’s top layer. Additionally, water provides an uncontrolled movement of paint, which results in soft flowing shapes spreading on the canvas.

Nika Rubinshtein, Ghosts of War. Mother, 2022. Acrylic, pigments, water, canvas. 30 х 40 см

Rubinshtein has displayed her works in several group and solo shows which include Canyon (online exhibition) (Fresh Salad Gallery, London, UK, 2023); Femme (online) (Ladies Drawing Club, Nantes, France, 2023); Zug Zwang (Mute gallery, Dubai, 2023); Raw Matrix (Avshalom gallery, Haifa, Israel, 2023); Solo exhibition at Between Windows Gallery (Moscow, Russia, 2022); Naked — a love letter to myself (solo exhibition) (Moscow, Russia, 2019), among others. In 2023, the artist took part in the Emerging Artist programme of Contemporary Art Collectors.

Nika Rubinshtein, Newborn, 2022. Acrylic, pigments, water, raw canvas. 120 х 100 см

About Mute.

Mute. is a Dubai-based art gallery which works online and goes offline seasonally. The project brings together different artists from Eastern Europe and Central Asia and allows them to show their work to a global audience. By promoting contemporary art from these regions in the Middle East, Mute. presents all the aspects of their art practices and creates visibility for each of them.

To learn more about Ghosts We Carry & Woman Hunt, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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