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Workshops for Children and Families from Sharjah Art Foundation
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Sharjah Art Foundation is organising two ​​workshops for children and families. Both events will take place in the Collections Building, Arts Square, on Saturday the 14th of May, 2022. They will start at 10:00 am and last until 12:00 pm. The workshops are free of charge and open to the public. All materials needed will be provided by Sharjah Art Foundation.

One of the workshops is called Patterns on Textile. Recommended age range is from 6 to 10 years old. Languages spoken at the events are English and Arabic.

The textiles and patterns seen in the photographs of Ghanaian photographer Gerald Annan-Forson (the exhibition of this artist’s works is now held at Al Hamriyah Studios until the 7th of  July, 2022) will serve as an inspiration for the participants. They will also discover the main trends in Sharjah Art Foundation’s neighbourhood’s vibrant textile market. There will be a trip to the nearby tailoring shops in order to collect fabric scraps, after which the participants will take part in a discussion about their findings. Then, the aim will be to work in groups and come up with new patterns which will be printed on plain textiles.

The other workshop is called Cross-stitching Motifs. Recommended age range is from 11 to 15 years old. Languages spoken at the events are English and Arabic.

Inspired by the visit to Khalil Rabah’s exhibition, What is Not, the participants of the workshop will find out about basic falahi stitches which is the Palestinian cross-stitching technique. There will be several embroidery exercises in order to get to know the language of symbols and motifs that have been used to record stories of generations of Palestinian people for already thousands of years.

Sharjah Art Foundation aims at making it possible for anyone with special needs to attend these events. Please, contact in advance to arrange any support needed during this session.

To get more information, please, visit the official SAF’s website