Letizia de Maigret’s Cosmic Horizons at XVA Gallery 
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A solo exhibition Cosmic Horizons by Swiss-Italian artist Letizia de Maigret will be held from April 15 to May 16 at XVA Gallery, Dubai. In her latest exhibition, she directs her artistic study toward an ontological search to reconnect with primary matters which humankind faces: a search for meaning, origins, permanence and change.

The Dubai-based artist has a background in design: however, she has had a longstanding interest in the relationship between physics and art. Her inspiration comes from the recent discovery of gravitational waves (due to which black holes exist) made in 2015. 

Letizia de Maigret investigates black holes in their geometric, metaphysical, and psychological forms. The artist “recreates” them with the help of a cascade of fluid pigments on rotating canvases. “Cosmic Horizons” are the outcome of kinetic phenomena based on Coriolis’ centrifugal force.

Letizia likes to use philosophy and history in her creative work. The permanence of human nature in the light of evolution inspires her, nourishing her theoretical quest about the essences of being, of becoming. She tends to unite contrasting concepts, aesthetics, times and cultures, creating 2D, 3D or kinetic antithesis that transcend and deny the historical dichotomy of Western culture, the duality between Apollo and Dionysus.

The visual metaphor in this exhibition proposes to look at the unknown nature of the singularity hidden by the black hole in a new way. The “Cosmic Horizons” allows the artist to verify her belief in Parnassus, which would harmonise the search for knowledge and the admiration for mystery. 

The XVA Gallery in Dubai is an interesting complex that will appeal to lovers of authenticity. This is a hotel, a cafe, and a place where elements of contemporary art are collected: paintings, graphics, figurines and other things. XVA is located in the historic district of Al Fahidi.

For more information, please visit www.xvagallery.com