Impact Dubai Design Week
Dubai Design Week 2022: Design With Impact
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Embracing Dubai’s position as the design capital of the Middle East, the region’s largest creative festival Dubai Design Week (8-13 November 2022) will show innovations in architecture, products, furniture and interior design. It will provide individuals and companies with a platform to express design by ways of installations, exhibitions and overall experiential mediums.

The main theme of this year’s programme is Design With Impact. A series of installations is dedicated to how design can have a positive impact on the environment. International and local designers will share their vision of future through ways of large scale installations throughout Dubai Design District.

Some of the installations will be 3D Architectural Exhibitions, such as: Once Upon a Forest, The Musical Ring, Kin, Palm Renaissance, From the Dunes and Trees, Al Gargoor, How Much Does Your Debris Weight, Future Perfect, Dewan Metaverse Dome.

ARDH, From the Dunes and Trees

Once Upon a Forest, for example, is the installation of OBMI – an architectural designers, who create visionary spaces, that tells a story that is synonymous with place. In this case the story is about the UAE’s world of mangroves. The architects bring that mangroves forest to the urban landscape in the form of the pavilion’s floating canopy. Visitors are immersed in an exploration of the indigenous forest ecosystem. OBMI are the masters of vernacular architecture, they create spaces that transform those who inhabit them, celebrating nature as a place of refuge and inspiration.

In the installation Future Perfect / A Story of Tomorrow, designers draw the attention to the forgotten beauty of Dubai as cultural inspiration. It is a place for local comfort, where a play of augmented shadows and lights brings a chance to observe a simple and natural phenomenon: time.

OBMI, Once Upon a Forest

The installation How Much Does Your Debris Weigh? by Quartz Architects explores the theme of waste – what will happen with our world if we continue our current waste practices. They created an ‘inverted wave’ of waste that contains an enclosure for an experiential space. Designers suggest that the waste has the potential to overpower human life and this idea invites us to rethink and redesign our surroundings.

All the installations could be seen and explored in Dubai Design District (d3) from 8 to 13 of November.

You can find more information on the official website of the Dubai Design Week.

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