Earth Chronicles at 1X1 Art Gallery
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1X1 Art Gallery welcomes visitors to see the group exhibition “Earth Chronicles”. The exhibition is open until May 28, 2022, presenting contemporary Indian artists who address our planet’s materiality and elusiveness in lyrical, ethereal and sculptural ways.

In their works, the earth is a site of containment and fluidity, a site that is in constant flux, subject to growth and decay and never separate from our human existence. The environment is both source and subject in the exhibited works, which are largely process-driven, documenting the transformative nature of time in diverse materials such as beeswax, incense sticks, rice paper, ash and mist – features of a residual archive.

Benitha Persical uses frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass and cedar wood, essential oils, gourds and sunflower seeds to create a sacred, sensory setting of labour, worship, an offering of elements from the earth.

Artist GR Iranna works with acrylic, ash, terracotta and coal powder. In Shaivite ritual, ash is used to mark the forehead and the cycle of life and death. 

Chittrovanu Mazumdar creates dark, layered wax works on digital prints, picturing disjointed places of the body. These are imprints and ruptures on skin, marking the passage of time, a waning grasp, the state between liquid and solid, or a wound that ages.

Sonia Khurana has made a massive suspended screen that reflects a verdant garden and a video diptych, which maps a choreography of sound and movement of water into and out of the ponds. In this cyclical activity, nothing is lost or gained. 

Presenting South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art for the past 25 years, 1X1 Art Gallery is based in Alserkal Avenue Dubai, UAE. As an integral part of the art and culture landscape of the region, 1X1 supports its programme through a network of collaborations with local and international galleries, art fairs, museums, independent curators and art organizations.

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