An Arts Chat with Kid Koala’s Team at The Arts Center at NYUAD
An Arts Chat with Kid Koala’s Team at The Arts Center at NYUAD
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An arts chat, Cultivating an Audience as an Artist, will be taking place at the Arts Center at NYUAD on May 9th, 2022. The visitors are welcome to arrive at 6:30pm to the NYUAD Gallery Reading Room. It has been organised in partnership with NYUAD Art Gallery and NYUAD Career Development Center.

Cultivating an audience is a major aspect in building success as an artist. To draw new people to one’s activities, an artist needs to take certain steps to promote their content and attract viewers.

Anyone is invited to join this conversation with artists who include team members of Kid Koala (a Canadian scratch DJ, film composer, theatre producer, visual artist and multimedia-performer) and Khalid Mezaina, a graphic designer, illustrator and artist. They will be discussing how their fans have become ambassadors of their creative work and how they have been supporting them throughout their careers.

Kid Koala, Eric San, works with such genres as hip hop, ambient, alternative, contemporary classical, blues, classic rock and traditional jazz. He has already released five solo albums, collaborated with various artists and created amazing soundtracks. Kid Koala’s most recent “live film” production is The Storyville Mosquito, which is a live animated graphic novel, performed, filmed and scored in real time. The characters are cinematically brought to life by a group of performers, musicians, foley artists, and technicians with the use of miniature sets, puppets, multiple cameras and screens.

Khalid Mezaina is a graphic designer and programme coordinator for UAE-based organizations such as Sharjah Art Foundation and Tashkeel. Since 2010, the designer has started his own practice, concentrating on illustration and surface-based design and art. Organising children and adult workshops, sharing his knowledge on print-based creative practices, he has been taking part in various exhibitions, projects, and residencies in the UAE and abroad. 

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