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Total Arts: Every You – Every Me
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The Total Arts art space at the Courtyard in Dubai presents Every You – Every Me, a site-specific installation created by interdisciplinary artist Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson. The artwork designed for the Courtyard’s fountains pays tribute to water and hope. One has the opportunity to look at the installation until 15 December 2023.

The Every You – Every Me art piece highlights the fundamental importance of water and hope in the context of human existence. Water is often associated with renewal, adaptability, flow, and progress, while hope connects people throughout history at different levels to meet diverse needs.

Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson, Every You – Every Me, 2023.

Fascinated with the science of mind and the philosophy of nature, Grayson asks a lot of questions about the complexities of our thoughts and emotions. “In today’s world, […] I constantly ponder when we talk about now and the future, what we talk about,” the artist says. “I always arrive at one fundamental truth of human beings: hope.” It is exactly what is at the core of her latest artworks.

About the artist

Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson (born in Tehran, Iran) resides in Dubai. In 1995, she obtained a BA in Visual Arts and Architecture from the School of Arts (Tehran). In 2001, Grayson graduated from Sooreh Art University of Tehran with a BA in Graphic Design. She pursued her education at the University for Creative Arts (England, UK), where she obtained a postgraduate master’s degree in Fine Arts. 

Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson, Every You – Every Me, 2023.

Grayson was born in the turbulent post-revolution era of Iran and grew up during the war, which had a profound impact on her life and art. In her installations, sculptures, mixed-media drawings, paintings, mixed-media photographs, and digital works, the artist challenges one with thought-provoking dichotomies. As Grayson says, her primary point of reference is the human mind and the human body, so in her work, she delves into the fragility and sensitivity of human perception while blending opposing elements at the same time. The other themes the artist is interested in are the cognitive novel of life, the phenomenon of the world of multilingualism, communication, and cultural diversity.

Grayson has displayed her creations at several exhibitions in UAE, France, and the UK, such as the Hands, Hearts, Skins, Eyes solo show (Total Arts Gallery, Dubai, 2021); the 11th edition of Made in Tashkeel (Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai); We, Digital Installation (DIFC Art Nights, Dubai, 2020); No-Show (UCA Virtual, UK, 2020); Fractures (Art Nights, Dubai, 2019); Next Step Biennale (Paris, France, 2014); and others.  

Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson, Blindness, 2021. Sculpture/Installation. Ink, Acrylic, and Hand-printed Typography On Plaster.
90 pieces each 7 x 7 cm / total installation: 180 x 180 cm

The artist has multiple awards under her belt, which include The Artist Of The Month Finalist (Circle Foundation For The Arts, Lyon, France, 2022), Finalist Artist (Rove Art Prize, Dubai, 2020), Featured Artist (Publication in the Low Update Magazine, Dubai, 2020), Finalist Artist of the Year Award (CFA, Lyon, 2018), to mention a few.

To get more information about Every You – Every Me, please visit the official website of Total Arts.

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