Top 10 Exhibitions August
Top 10 Exhibitions in August 2023
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Rich with art events, August is definitely going to be exciting for all types of art enthusiasts in the region. If you do not want to spend time searching on the Internet for a show to attend this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of top 10 exhibitions in August for you to choose from.

1. Foundry: EPITAPH by Sneak Hotep

Until 31 August 2023, Foundry Downtown Dubai is hosting EPITAPH, a thought-provoking solo exhibition by Algerian designer, calligrapher, and graffiti artist Sneak Hotep. The exhibited paintings and sculptures delves into the teachings of Thoth, an Egyptian god of wisdom and writing. The artist also explores how these ideas resonate with today’s society.

Sneak Hotep, EPITAPH (installation view). Foundry, Dubai, 2023.

2. Polite Existence by Tsuyoshi Hisakado

Collaborating with the Japan Foundation, Art Jameel has arranged Japanese artist Tsuyoshi Hisakado’s solo show Polite Existence which showcases a range of his diverse art pieces. Hisakado’s work focuses on natural forces, such as time and space, and spontaneous occurrences shaping our mundane lives and the universe itself. The exhibition is being hosted by Jameel Arts Centre until 23 September 2023.

3. Void and Form by Bader Mahasneh

Void and Form is a solo exhibition by Jordanian artist Bader Mahasneh, whose practice encompasses photography, sculpting, and painting. Drawing his inspiration from philosophies and complex human condition, in his art Mahasneh explores the interplay between humanity and machinery and the relationship between destruction and creation. The show is being held at Fann À Porter Dubai and will end on 30 August 2023.

4. The curious desert by Olafur Eliasson

The curious desert is the title of Icelandic–Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s solo exhibition showcasing both his outdoor artworks and indoor ones. Its outdoor part is situated in the desert in Northern Qatar and displays Eliasson’s new site-specific installations. What is on view at the National Museum of Qatar is the works he has produced over 25 years. The show will end on 15 August 2023.

5. The 2nd Edition of the Collective Exhibition at Urbanist Art Gallery

Urbanist Art Gallery in Dubai presents its second Collective Exhibition featuring eight artists from the region: Ihab Ahmad, Diana Almardini, Omar Alakhras, Khaled Juratly, Malini Karani, Rana Lotfi, Chadi Nassar, Louma Rabah, Nawar Shartouh, and Ghazal Tamer. Their displayed artworks are dedicated to a range of themes: hope, fantasy, femininity, and others. The show will be on view until 10 August 2023.

Rana Lotfi, UNITE. Acrylics with Oil Pastels. 40 in x 43.5 in.

6. Seham by Almaha Jaralla

Emirati artist Almaha Jaralla is currently displaying her artworks at Tabari Art Space in Dubai. Her solo exhibition Seham will run through September 1, 2023. The exhibited paintings are based on the photographs taken in the 1980s by the artist’s aunt Seham. In these works, Jaralla explores family relationships in the 80s and also illustrates how Abu Dhabi has changed over time.

7. Welcome Home Exhibition at ME Hotel

Collaborating with the Inloco Initiative art project, ME Hotel Dubai has organised Welcome Home, a show presenting the works by three Inloco artists: Anton Selone, Filippo Minelli, and Neda Salmanpour. Exploring various interpretations of “home”, it inspires questions on such topics as nomadism, the constant quest for home, and the narratives created by individuals. One can attend the exhibition until 21 August 2023.

Welcome Home by Inloco and ME BY MELIÁ (installation view). ME Hotel, Dubai, 2023.

8. Online Exhibition: Selected Works by Nabil Anani

Until 15 September 2023, one has an opportunity to see artist Nabil Anani’s selected works. The virtual solo exhibition by this key figure of the Palestinian art scene is presented by Zawyeh Gallery. His bright coloured paintings on display depict Palestinian landscape with no visible Israeli presence; in these artworks, Anani expresses collective memory and solidarity with his homeland.

9. Sahra Art Galleria: THEM Exhibition

Sahra Art Galleria invites Dubai guests and residents to view THEM, a group exhibition which is being held at Sahra Art Galleria. Curated by Ahmad AlrashidIs, the gallery’s ditector, it celebrates the UAE’s diverse cultural landscape through the artworks of artists based in the country. Among 21 emerging artists featured in the show are Soraya Sikander, Caty Cordahi, Maria Faridi, Nairika Danapour, Anja Bamberg, and others.

Soraya Sikander, Mountain.

10. De-sign Scrapyard by Tasmeem

Tasmeem is ICD Brookfield Place’s graphic design and poster exhibition and a competition held annually. This year, its theme is “De-sign Scrapyard: An ode to lost ideas, unfinished thoughts, and could-have-beens”. The participants were challenged to transform their previous works (discarded or forgotten designs) into new ones and allow them to create new endings to an existing story. The show will run through 31 August 2023.

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Tasmeem: De-sign Scrapyard (installation view). ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC, Dubai, 2023.