Construction Workshop SAF
The Construction Workshop from SAF
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On the 28th of July, 2022, SAF summer art school Week 3 continues with an entertaining workshop for Children and Families. The languages which are spoken at the workshop are English and Arabic. All materials needed will be provided by Sharjah Art Foundation.

The Construction workshop is designed for children aged from 11 to 15. The event will take place at Gallery 4, Al Mureijah Art Spaces, and will last from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  

The participants will be inspired to create a sculpture by mixing different materials which is a wonderful idea to make amazing creations. They will use glue and wire to keep everything in place. This Construction workshop is really great for children who enjoy building, working big, and creating in 3D. 

Sculpture is a special kind of fine art, in which, with the help of special means, the idea of ​​the environment and the spiritual world of a person is expressed; his or her aesthetic tastes and ideals are reflected. The specificity of this type of fine art is expressed in the content, in the choice of material and means of expression.

A distinctive feature of the sculpture is its volume and three-dimensionality. The main types of sculpture traditionally include round sculpture and relief. If the image can be walked around, viewed from all sides, such a sculpture is called round. In the event that the object is depicted on one side protruding above the plane, this is a relief.

Sharjah Art Foundation aims at making it possible for anyone with special needs to attend these events. Please, contact the Sharjah Art Foundation in advance to arrange any support needed during this session.

To get more information and to register, please visit the official website of Sharjah Art Foundation.

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