Safwan Dahoul’s Solo Exhibition Awake
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Alserkal Avenue will host an exhibition Awake of Syrian painter Safwan Dahoul from March 8th to May 15th, 2022. The artist is best known for depicting moments that evoke human solitude and alienation. Awake follows the artist’s Dream series (late 1980s–ongoing), in which he has studied the physical and psychological effects of alienation and solitude for more than 30 years.

Safwan Dahoul is known internationally for his large-scale, figurative paintings picturing moments of human emotion and expression. He works primarily in acrylic on canvas. The artist’s series of black-and-white paintings of geometric figures resemble charcoal drawings. In his art, we can notice influences and elements from various periods including Assyrian art and Cubism.

As one of the foremost painters in the Arab world, the artist has repeatedly demonstrated how contemporary modes of figuration can describe the psychic terrain of a region that is in constant flux. Throughout his career, Dahoul has managed to include varying artistic styles while still keeping to his core identity and style.

Dahoul expresses his wish to unite the eight canvases, creating a sixteen-meter long polyptych; this emphasises the unity of the artist’s work. Humanity’s main concepts and themes are traced through his expressive style, unifying the narrative. Everything has deliberate meaning in Dahoul’s work so influence of Symbolism is apparent.