Pillar Fortitude DIFC
Pillar of Fortitude at DIFC
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A new awesome art object titled Pillar of Fortitude made by renowned artist Helidon Xhixha was placed in Gate District 6 at Dubai International Financial Centre at the end of 2021.

The sculpture measures 7 m. in height and represents the seven Emirates of the UAE, standing tall and united, soaring upwards into the sky, towards a prosperous, limitless future. The artwork is dedicated to the glorious celebration to mark the milestone Golden Jubilee 50th National Day Anniversary.

The unveiling of new public art by Xhixha displays at DIFC comes at a time when the UAE is focused on boosting the country’s cultural and creative sectors to support the economy and reflect the inclusive participation of young people and global stakeholders. The foundational pillar aims to inspire youth to have their vision about the ambitions of the next 50 years, while also inspiring principles to all those who consider the UAE their homeland.

Helidon Xhixha, Pillar of Fortitude, 2021. Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

About the artist

Helidon Xhixha (born in 1970 in Durazzo, Albania) is a contemporary artist who lives and works between Milan and Dubai. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Tirana; then he studied at the Brera Art Academy of Milan and graduated from it in 1999. In 1998, the artist was given a scholarship to Kingston University, London. 

Xhixha is mostly known for his 3D and often large-scale artworks that refract and reflect the environments they’re placed in because of being made of polished steel. His public sculptures are featured in art fairs, and government buildings, and museums across the world, such as Presidential Palace, Tirana; Pierre Cardin, Paris; Associazione “Ali Spahia”, Milan; The Atrium Building, Miami, Florida; and many others.

About the location

The Dubai International Financial Center is one of the world’s most advanced financial centres for the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, and South Asia. It is also promoting culture and community through its unique public art displays from around the world that pay tribute to the UAE.

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