Miraj Islamic Art Centre: a Monument to Islamic Culture
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Miraj Islamic Art Centre, created by Mujeeb Mir, is a monument to thirteen centuries of Islamic culture. It is dedicated to heritage, history and glory of Islam. There are eight amazing collections in Miraj Islamic Art Centre. 

Passion and Strength collection showcases the weapons of the Islamic world, works of silversmiths and goldsmiths, the Astrolabe, an instrument to track the stars and planets, and other metalworks.

The Beauty and Divine collection exhibits the works of calligraphic artists. Developed over centuries, the art form requires an abundance of talent, since rules, if any, are subjective to beauty of the form alone.

Various paintings, each of them telling a story, are shown in the Enchanting Visions collection.

Floral Delights collection exhibits and tells about extraordinary delicacy of the floral motifs used in different art forms.

Weavers of Dreams collection showcases carpets. Amazing carpets that adorn the walls of world museums were woven during the golden age of carpet-making, from the 16th century through to the 18th century.

Metallic embellishment on fabrics can be marveled at the Mystic Splendour collection. Enriching fabrics with the use of precious stones and metals is well established within the Islamic culture. 

Various beautiful fabrics are exhibited at the Vibrant Tapestries collection. From the sacred world of the mosque to the profane world of the exchange on the street, fabrics have symbolised culture. Silk was the most expensive manifestation of textiles.

Touched with Gold collection features the decorative art of papier-mâché. The valley of Kashmir is home to this art form.

Miraj Islamic Art Centre serves as a venue to learn and experience the culture and heritage of the Islamic art world in a variety of ways. Anyone can come to gain new knowledge with ever-changing exhibits and displays. Secondary school and college students acquire inspiration from the various exhibits. Gallery-based sessions, curator talks and graphic representations are held at the art centre.

For more information, please visit the official website of the museum.