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Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here and Richard Mille Art Prize
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Louvre Abu Dhabi and Richard Mille have announced the second edition of Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here 2022 and The Richard Mille Art Prize. The jury panel will select artists for the Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here 2022 exhibition, which will run from November, 2022, until February, 2023.

Artists from or living in the GCC are welcome to participate in the annual Art Here exhibition. For this second edition, the theme of the exhibition is Icon. Iconic. Artists’ new or existing artworks must reflect how contemporary art helps rethink the notion of an artistic icon and what is the museum’s role in addressing and conferring the iconic status of art. 

The Richard Mille Art Prize will be given to one artist selected by the jury. The winner will be awarded with a prize of USD 60,000. 

Before applying, the participants are recommended to read the 2022 call for proposals, in which all the details are given. To send the submission, participants need to fill out an application form and attach all the required documents. The application deadline is the 3d of September, 2022. 

Richard Mille continues to promote contemporary art and the 10-year partnership with the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, the Middle East’s most important art museum and the first universal museum in the Arab world, serves as an example. 

In 2021, Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum and Richard Mille announced the creation of a new annual exhibition called Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here and The Richard Mille Art Prize. The award is aimed to highlight and support artists who create contemporary art in the United Arab Emirates and GCC.

Every year, a list of applied artworks is made for participation in the exhibition on the basis of an open competition. The exhibition is annual and is held at the Forum, a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas in the field of contemporary art. It is a new stage for regional artists, which provides them with a  platform to be seen and heard, and a space in which to express themselves and collaborate.

To get more information, please visit the official website of Louvre Abu Dhabi.