Timur D’Vatz
Exhibition “Myths and Journeys” by Russian artist Timur D’Vatz
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The exhibition “Myths and Journeys” at Andakulova Gallery by Russian artist Timur D’Vatz is one to check out.  Timur fuses ancient legends and symbols with a modernist style and vibrant colours

Artist is inspired by ancient history, medieval tapestries and Celtic mythology. Also his paintings reflect a fascination with the ideals of Pre-Raphaelites. His shapes and patterns take on a life of their own, lending a lyrical harmony to the composition, and his elongated figures and symbolic details form a Baroque collage of ancient myths and legend.

‘I see mythology as the starting point for an inner journey through outer experience. In order to go forwards we must go back to our roots; the journey forward is always a return. Myth is a poetic interpretation of human knowledge’, said Timur D’Vatz about his art.

Noble deer, elegant horses, energetic hounds and speedy birds of prey, are frequent images in his artworks. Legends and symbols of early Byzantine art, medieval tapestries  come to life in D’Vatz’s artworks.

Each figure displayed in Timur’s paintings is symbolic, the artist involves the viewer in the world he has created with special energy and a certain aura. D’Vatz’s paintings create their own modern mythology intrinsically linked with the recognisable iconic traditions of medieval painting. 

Exhibition “Myths and Journeys” opens until the 1st of March 2022.

Unit 18, P4 Level, Damac Park Towers, DIFC, Dubai
For more information, please visit www.andakulova.com