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Works on Paper at Fann À Porter
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The Fann À Porter gallery in Dubai invites everyone to visit Works on Paper, a group show featuring Ahmad Kasha, Rabee Kiwan, Majd Kurdieh, Omran Younis, Arda Aslanian, Mais Azab, Randa Ali Ahmad, and Semaan Khawam. Each of the participants explores different materials in their practice, delving into various themes and developing unique visual language through their use of oil, ink, charcoal, and mixed media on paper. The exhibition will be open to the public until the 5th of January, 2024.

Ahmad Kasha (b. 1997, Syria), an abstract artist and sculptor whose visceral depiction of reality full of dynamism evokes a feeling of movement, presents his artworks created during his residency at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation this year. These compositions are taken over by fleeting moments and deliberate nuanced colour choices.

Ahmad Kasha, Untitled, 2023. Oil on carton. 70 × 100 cm

The key element of Syrian artist Rabee Kiwan‘s (b. 1984, Damascus, Syria) work is the human figure in its different emotional states. In the exhibition, he displays a collection of studies that led to the development of his Black I series. 

Lebanon-based artist Majd Kurdieh (b. 1985, Aleppo, Syria) uses cartoon-like figures, the Fasaeen (“tiny ones” in Arabic), to talk about the world’s current state. In his exhibited artworks, these characters return to their adventures. Kurdieh’s chronicles incorporate strong story-telling techniques and references to art history, poetry, and paradoxical introspection. 

Omran Younis‘ (b. 1971, Hasakah, Syria) dramatic works portray the horrors of war, evoking heart-wrenching feelings. However, the exhibition features his latest paintings which focus on another theme. Here, the artist transforms the cactus, a universally understood symbol, and raises questions about how the general public interacts and perceives personal symbolic gestures and references.

Omran Younis, Rise of the Cactus, 2023. Acrylic on craft paper. 72 x 116 cm

In her art, Armenian-Jordanian architect and artist Arda Aslanian (b. 1981, Amman, Jordan) examines the behavioural rules of beliefs, attitudes, and influences in social groups or cultures. Although Aslanian’s art pieces are usually figurative and highly detailed, her new charcoal drawings which are on display in the exhibition demonstrate her thorough understanding of geometric abstraction. 

Mais Azab, a Jordanian architect and artist, showcases some artworks from her Obsessive Inscription series. They continue her exploration into beauty, repetition, and subtle imperfections. The art pieces deviate between geometric constraints and refined gestures as they explore the process through the outcome. 

Mais Azab, Your sickness is from you but you do not sense it, 2022. Dark blue manual ink on paper. 30 × 42 cm

Lebanese artist Randa Ali Ahmad (b. 1962, Beirut, Lebanon), who produces sculptures, paintings, and drawings, focuses on the exploration of the natural world and her surroundings. Her exhibited works on cotton paper depicting pine trees are an ode to nature and its intertwining with humanity.

In his diverse practice including sculpture, painting, graffiti, and poetry, Lebanese-Syrian artist Semaan Khawaam (b. 1974) explores various contemporary issues such as migration and identity. The artist is also known as Birdman: he constantly depicts birds, creatures that symbolise and possess freedom of movement, in his expressive still lives and figurative art pieces. 

To get more information about Works on Paper, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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