Ground Exhibition Sarah Almehairi
When The Ground Was: Solo Exhibition of Sarah Almehairi
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The exhibition of Sarah Almehairi “When The Ground Was”, opened in September, will be held in CARBON 12 till the 1st of November 2022.

“When the ground was… a jumbled word;
a changing season;
a celebration.”
by Sara Almehairi

Sarah Almehairi, an artist from Abu Dhabi, was born in 1998. She studied in New York University in Abu Dhabi with an Art and Art History major. Almehairi works in different mediums, including painting, mixed media, sculpture and fiber art. Her art explores the themes of identity, language, materiality and memory. She writes poetry, which often becomes part of her visual art creations.

5. What Is There, Isn’t, 2022. Concrete pavers 316 x 220 x 8 cm 124 1/2 x 86 1/2 x 3 1/4 in

Works presented in the exhibition range from floor sculptures, made from concrete, to works on paper and canvas, installed at varying heights. Those architectural or cartographic creations play with the notion of scale and perception.

Sarah definitely has a talent to see an object, pattern, or meaning where others might not. She imposes a meaningful interpretation on those nebulous signs and they become a metaphor.

“A thread is pulled through to make a mark. Time and time again the motion continues to complete a whole. With this, with every thread, a part of a story is being told. My art practice occurs at the intersection of narrative and abstraction. I explore ideas of place by looking at locations directly connected to my identity but know least about, while also engaging with geometric shapes, materials and form,” says Sara Almehairi.

12. When the Ground Was a Celebration, 2022. Acrylic gouache on canvas 200 x 300 cm 78 3/4 x 118 in

There are four series of works: – 2. Shapes Are Like Thoughts, 4. No Day Without a Line, 6. Adjustments of the Daily, and 7. Momentary Palettes. Each beginning with a poetic text, followed by painted, collaged, and embossed works-on-paper. Sculptural forms on the ground bear a resemblance to the colour of the floor. They recreate random shapes of missing bricks, irregular grass patches or other formations.

“Shapes are like thoughts…
Thoughts are like shapes…”
by Sara Almehairi

Al Mehairi has been a part of the 2019 Youth Takeover group show at Jameel Arts Centre, took part in Tashkeel’s 2019 group exhibition “Play”, exhibited at the CultureSummit Abu Dhabi 2018, the 35th Annual Emirates Fine Art Society Exhibition in 2018. Her solo show in NYUAD’s Project Space was titled “Between”.

To learn more, please visit the official web page of the exhibition.

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