Webinar Louvre Abu Dhabi
Arts for Health and Wellbeing Webinar from Louvre Abu Dhabi
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Scientists have found that visiting art museums has a positive effect on mental and human health. Researchers have proven that going to museums affects not only spiritual and intellectual development.

Louvre Abu Dhabi presents a webinar – a panel discussion studying the important role of arts engagement in spaces such as museums and galleries to improve one’s health and wellbeing. Experts on health and wellbeing best-practices, from museums and arts spaces around the world, discuss various topics on this issue:

– How can engagement with the arts benefit one’s mental, social and physical health and wellbeing?

– How can museums and arts spaces offer therapeutic moments?

– What is the public’s current perception of the function of an art museum, and how do we challenge it?

The panelists discuss perspectives on therapeutic opportunities. Also, they explain best practices in the field across the different regions and the social stigma around therapeutic practices.

When viewing paintings, sculptures or works of art, specific processes occur in our body, proven by scientists. For example, certain areas of the cerebral cortex are activated. When a person explores something new, unusual, he or she trains the flexibility of the brain, which gives new stimuli to the body. Scientists have found that the hormone dopamine is produced, which is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and pleasant sensations.

Researchers say that the feeling of happiness, fullness of life, and elation that surrounds us when we concentrate on a work of art is akin to the effect of meditation. Through contact with paintings that depict joy, love, pleasure, pain, fear, humiliation, a person discovers these feelings in him or herself.

The webinar is free and available to viewers on Louvre Abu Dhabi’s official website.

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