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Walking in Dubai – Explore Dubai By Foot. Walking Tours
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There are some hidden gems in Dubai as well as unexplorable places (by vehicle at-least) which could be covered solely by walking in Dubai. Moreover, walking through the streets of this beautiful city would bring you wonderful emotions.

Hence, we have put together 3 such extremely eye-catching tours where you can have a blast walking in Dubai

City Orientation Tour

icom dubai 2025

This tour can easily stupefy your sense as it includes majestic architectural craftsmanship which includes the 56 storey Emirates towers, the legendary Burj Khalifa and its lavish amenities, the tallest block in the world which is the Rose Tower, the largest ever shopping mall, Dubai Mall,  and two of the world’s greatest exhibition and conference center’s which are the Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai International Convention and exhibition center which hosts a pack of cultural, social, sports and food trade exhibitions.

Time required: 3 hours
Approximate distance: 6.1 Kilometres
Offered by: GPSMyCity
Starting point: Dubai World Trading Centre
Ending point: Burj Khalifa
Locations covered: Dubai World Trading Center, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Emirates Towers, Rose towers, Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

Al Souq Al Kabeer Art and Culture Tour

This self-guided tour for walking in Dubai includes some of the city’s most famous cultural and historic places which include the home of Dubai’s loved and respected ruler, Sheikh Saeed al-Maktoum’s House, the Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque which fascinates tourists by its architectural beauties, the Grand Mosque which was built in late 1900’s and was renovated in 1998 and preserved till date, Narish Khyma Museum which features some of the old days boats in Dubai including the Abra boats with canvas roofs, places like Dubai Museum and Xva Gallery where you get to see stunning Middle-Eastern art, and the oldest residential in Dubai, Al Bastakia and of-course not to mention the historic Plaza cinema which was one of the largest till 1972 and was re-innovated with latest technologies in 1997. 

Time required: 1 hour
Approximate distance: 2.1 Kilometres
Offered by: GPSMyCity
Starting point: Plaza Cinema
Ending point: Al Bastakia
Locations covered: Plaza Cinema, Sheikh Saeed al-Maktoum’s House, Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque, Grand Mosque, Narish Khyma Museum, Dubai Museum, Xva Gallery and Al Bastakia.

Art, Jewels & Chocolate Tour of Dubai

Dubai By Foot has designed an amazing walking tour so that everyone can explore Dubai Art in the form of performance, jewels, chocolates, watches and much more in short time ! 

The two hours  tour is conducted in the Alserkal Avenue – where you walk through galleries, studios, and artistically-inspired stores (even a bean to bar artisanal chocolate factory!), and an end-to-end designer jewelry manufacturing store. On this tour you will witness the confluence of government efforts, formidable vision of the leaders, and transformative collaboration among artists and creative thinkers.

Offered by: Dubai By Foot 
Stop At: Alserkal Avenue, 17th St 8 Road, 74; Al Quoz 1, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Time required: 2 hours

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