Total Arts: On the Road by Dean Yeadon
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Until the 30th of October, Total Arts will host On the Road, the exhibition by Dean Yeadon, a photographer, photojournalist, and fiction author.

Yeadon has been traveling with his family on either motorbike or camper-van for the past five years and has visited more than 125 countries, including Madagascar, Seychelles, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, UAE, and Oman. 

The photographer gets his inspiration from people, their stories, and the landscapes they live in. He is deeply interested in the faraway areas of the world and cannot be stopped by extreme conditions: on their long journey, Dean and his family had to endure temperatures from +45 to -60 degrees celsius, visiting remote regions of Russia such as the Sakhalin and Kuril islands.

Dean Yeadon, one of the photos from the series Lighthouse Keepers of Sakhalin

Apart from Dean’s photographs, the exhibition will also feature graphic artwork from his first novel Mzungu Diaries; it explores the writer’s creative process as he created the manuscript. Dean completed the book during the journey.

Visitors will be able to buy all prints at the exhibition. The proceeds will be donated to Bluer Ocean Project for saving the coral reefs of Rodrigues Island. Besides, the documentary created by YeadonYeadon on this project will also be on display at the exhibition.

Dean Yeadonwas was born in South Africa and studied journalism at Rhodes University there; now, he resides in the Republic of Mauritius. Dean has been awarded a silver medal at The Prix de la Photographie (PX3) in Paris, 2022. Among the other awards he has got are Curators Selection Prix de la Photoraphie Paris (2021), Tokyo International Photo Awards (2020), Moscow Foto Awards (2019), Curators Sélection Prix de la Photoraphie Paris Hasselblad Masters Pick (2018 & 2019) and several others.

Dean Yeadon, one of the photos taken on the Yamalo-Nenets Peninsula

About Total Arts

Founded in 1992, Total Arts is one of the first dedicated spaces to art in Dubai and the first gallery in the Al Quoz Industrial area. It specializes in Middle Eastern arts and aims to discover and expose new artists, as well as enrich the culture of the UAE. The gallery has become an interdisciplinary space for learning, collaborating and experimenting.

​Total Arts relocated to the artistic hub Courtyard after its opening in 1998. It was built to serve as a multidisciplinary community center, where all kinds of cultural activities would be done.

To learn more about the exhibition, please visit the official webpage of the gallery.

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