Timeless by Robert Santoré
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Firetti Contemporary is hosting Timeless, a solo exhibition by renowned American artist Robert Santoré. The exhibited works executed in striking colours display particular recurring elements that define Santoré’s art. One is invited to admire his expressive paintings, prints, and mixed media art pieces until the 1st of October, 2023.

Santoré’s art is deeply inspired by the Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism art movements of the 1950s and 60s, which highlighted the emotional and physical act of painting and ironic pop-art commentary. Like that of abstract expressionists, Santoré’s practice involves using an alla prima technique: wet paint is applied to wet paint to create a sense of immediacy and energy in the final artwork.

Robert Santoré, ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. Oil, enamel, wax on linen on birch panels. 152.4 x 533.4 cm. / 60 x 210 in.

Constantly pursuing new methods and ways to express himself, Santoré employs a full range of mediums. He uses various materials, such as oil, soils, encaustic, watercolours, gouache, acrylics, egg tempera, steel, and wood, to add depth and dimension to his dazzling art pieces. They often depict human figures and mysterious abstract ones, urban landscapes, and the ocean as well as words, phrases, and other symbols rendered boldly.

Santoré’s layered and highly detailed works incorporate elements that are related to his childhood memories of extensive travelling throughout Europe and the South Pacific. In his artworks, a viewer can also find references to the pop culture of the 50-60s and the historical and cultural events that have shaped him.

About the artist

Robert Santoré (b. 1961, Houston, Texas, USA), an artist, painter, printmaker, and sculptor, studied at the Parsons School of Design (New York). After that, he entered the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design (Los Angeles, California) and later graduated from the University Of California (Irvine).

Robert Santoré, FITS & STARTS. Oil, oil stick, military & industrial enamels, aluminum shapes on birch panel with micro-layer clay ground. 152.4 x 548.64 cm. / 60 x 216 in.

Since the 80s, Santoré has displayed his artworks in multiple exhibitions and art events both in the USA and around the globe. They include, for instance, ROOTS & REFLECTIONS: A Journey Through Time & Nature (Firetti Contemporary, Dubai, UAE); The Texas Contemporary Art Fair (Houston, Texas, USA); Robert Santoré: The Rise & Controversy of Digital & Computer Generated Art (The Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, California, USA); Robert Santoré Bull Market (RORK Gallery, Los Angeles, California); West Meets East. US Artists in Japan (The Tokyo Municipal Gallery, Tokyo, Japan); and many others. In addition, Santoré’s works have been featured in a lot of private and public collections, such as the City Of Los Angeles Municipal Art Collection (Los Angeles, California), the Barnsdall Art Collection (Los Angeles, California), and the San Jose Museum Of Art (San Jose, California), to name a few.

To learn more about the Timeless exhibition, please visit its official web page.

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