Three-dimensional Sculptures at Oblong Contemporary Gallery in Dubai
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Antonio Signorini’s latest exhibition of three-dimensional sculptures is held at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on Bluewater Island until March 31, 2022.  It is the Italian artist’s first solo exhibition in the United Arab Emirates presenting a display of experimental new pieces.  “Art is the universal language that brings all people together,” says Signorini.

Now a UAE resident, Signorini is interested in creating three-dimensional figures in bronze. The artist creates his artworks with white patina, a mixture of ceramic paint and marble powder over bronze. Each of his unique can weigh up to 78 kilos. With his exraordinary nine-year artistic practice, Antonio Signorini tries to understand ancient cave art and translate the archetypal human journey into dynamic three-dimensional sculptures. 

“I have never been the kind of artist who has to meditate in the desert to find my inspiration,” he admits. He gets his ideas by working, making mistakes, experimenting, and traveling.

Everything started from a close encounter with our past; the one from which we have very little information; the one from which everything began. Pure quartz spheroids, jasper almonds streaked with gold and purple and waxy leaves of translucent flint. Refined graffiti, evocative paintings, millstones, axes, blades aged thousands of centuries: these are the drawings and objects that guaranteed the survival of the first human communities and leads us to remember them today.

Signorini’s solo exhibition at Oblong Contemporary will present the first-time figures from “The Warriors” and “The Dancers” series interacting in one space. “To me this a big thing,” he comments. “From the beginning, I’ve always imagined presenting them as one complete artwork, but I’ve never shown them together until now.”