The World of Banksy in the UAE
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Till March 31 you can visit the world’s largest exhibition of Banksy art for the first time in the UAE. Exhibition titled “The World of Banksy. The immersive experience” is a journey through time and places.

The exhibition will take you on an enchanting journey with the master of streets, who succeeded in becoming a world-renowned artist. Nobody knows who is Banksy, yet everybody knows who he is. The artist rose to prominence for his provocative stenciled pieces in the late 1990s. All of his works are a mix of irony and protest. The messages they carry are seldon at the centre of controversy.

A wandering as captivating as it is unusual in the streets of London, New York, Bethléem, Bristol (from where Banksy comes from) and of course Paris, on the tracks of Banksy. Fans will immediately recognize the most stunning images of the provocative graffiti artist.

Banksy is considered as one of the greatest exponents of contemporary street art. His fame, however, is not only connected to his art, but also to his identity which, despite his success, remains unknown. Over the years, Banksy has become the world’s most famous graffiti artist, transforming streets all over the world from London to New York into giant canvases.

It’s the first time that an exhibition of this scope is dedicated to Banksy, and it’s happening in Dubai. It is a totally innovative immersive course through the work of the street-artist known for his stunts. The latest one, the auto-destruction of one of his works during a Sotheby’s auction last October.

The exhibition is being held at the Art centre at the Mall of the Emirates:
Entrance Level 2 Parking A5
Dubai, Al Barsha

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