The Sublime Nature of Being
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Exhibition curated by Ambika Hinduja Macker houses multi-sensory installations from the world over. According to the philosophy of finding beauty in simplicity curator made a multi-sensory ethereal environment that conjures the experience of the purity of flora, fauna and the elements.

The concept for the show stems from the  interest in the universal, human experience of awe that nature inspires and how that might translate into spaces that can be transformative, reflective, and explore our relationship with the surrounding environment.

Exhibition is set to bring an immersive experience that includes three-dimensional installations, large scale sculptures, sound and scent, a play on time and space, light and shadow installations, and elemental materials.

The exhibition features innovative works by  award-winning, international contemporary artists – sculptors and visual artists.

Exhibition is open until February 27, 2022.

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai International Financial Centre.

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