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The Main Circle: 7.83 at NYU Abu Dhabi
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Commissioned by the Arts Center, world premiere The Main Circle: 7.83 is a stage production created by the award-winning filmmaker, Philip Rachid (aka Soultrotter), at NYU Abu Dhabi, that will take place at the Black Box on June 23d and 24th. 

The Main Circle: 7.83 is a live cinematic B-Boy performance which celebrates art, self-empowerment, resilience, family, and collaboration with the help of four dancers, two musicians, and spoken word. This  innovative hip-hop performance is created by uniting dance, documentary film, music and spoken word, highlighting street culture in the UAE.

Created on the basis of Philip Rachid’s documentary film It Ain’t Where You From, The Main Circle 7.83 is tries to explain street culture, appreciate the art forms that have come out of it and shaped people’s lives and explore the perception of dance across Middle Eastern cultures and traditions. In addition, it shows how the UAE has been attracting talented people throughout the region.

Philip Rachid says that The Main Circle 7.83 has been inspired by the Schumann Resonances, which is a scientifically proven frequency, representing the heartbeat of the Earth and its atmosphere. People on the Earth connect with these natural frequencies, which provide us with balance, peace, and harmony. He explains that the message of this project is to connect the world by using music, dance, spoken word, and visuals. 

“As a UAE based artist myself, I am very excited to witness, experience and be part of the country’s transformation into a global cultural hub and a haven for regional talent looking to find a home for their art and themselves,” comments the artist.

To get more information and buy a ticket, please visit the official webpage of the event