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The Five Chapters Exhibition at the Museum of the Future
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The Museum of the Future, an impressive torus-shaped building which is situated in the Financial District, Dubai, serves as an exhibition space for all things innovative and futuristic. Here, one gets an opportunity to see technology and sustainable solutions blend together. To bring visitors to the future, such things as virtual and augmented reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, human machine interaction installations and displays are used. 

The exhibition at the museum is divided into five chapters:

In the first chapter, a visitor finds themselves at the space station OSS Hope in 2071. They learn about new technologies OSS Hope can offer in this distant year. 

In chapter 2, which is dedicated to the climate change issue, viewers are brought to the Heal Institute. Its first section is represented by the digital copy of an Amazon forest. The second one titled “Vault of Life” consists of a laboratory and a virtual 3D DNA library of 2,400 species. At the laboratory, visitors are free to use the interactive scanners to discover which mixes of DNA can be combined to create new species that would survive on earth as our environment becomes more hostile.

In chapter 3, Al Waha, viewers are invited to distract from technology (they are kindly asked to put away their personal devices) and focus on their own mind and body. What helps them revive their senses is a series of interactive sessions, for example, taking a sound bath or being in a dimly lit meditation room.

In chapter 4, Tomorrow Today, a constantly growing exhibition is being held: innovations that could change our world are on display. Visitors can explore how different designers and researchers are responding today to our most urgent challenges.

Chapter 5, Superheroes, is designed for children. Here, a fantasy world is created for them, where they’re offered to choose their own avatars and a cape to wear. Young visitors are welcome to participate in interactive games and missions and collect achievement badges and rewards for tasks completed.


Every day
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Ticket (3 years old and above): AED 145
Child Entry Ticket (under 3 years old): FREE

To get more information, please visit the official webpage of the museum.

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