Dubai Public Art Project
The “Dubai Public Art” Project
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“Dubai Public Art” is one of the Dubai’s government biggest cultural projects to date. The aim of the project is to transform the city into an open art gallery. Sculptures, installations and murals are going to be installed in the city’s open spaces. This is a collaboration of Dubai Culture and Art Dubai with local artists to transform Dubai’s public space and enrich its visual culture.

There’s an open call for submissions. All Emirati and UAE-based artists are welcome to submit the idea of the installation or an art work that can be exhibited throughout the city. The deadline for all submissions for the first installation is Monday, February 13. Shortlisted candidates will be announced between March 1 and March 5. They will receive $5,000 to prepare a detailed proposal and demo of their work. The winners will be announced at the end of the year 2023. Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan will take into account those creative proposals. The aim of this plan is to “enhance residents’ quality of life and solidify Dubai’s place as one of the best cities to work, visit and live in.”

The first site to receive the proposed installation will be the grounds of the public garden in the Al Hudaiba area with a view to the Etihad Museum and Union House. Proposed art works are expected to underline the connection between the architecture of the Etihad Museum and Union House. The installation has to show the significance of this location in UAE history. Dubai Public Art has a goal to transform the emirate, into an open, accessible and global art gallery. This is a significant cultural shift in the city.

Full details and instructions for those interested in submitting an initial proposal can be found on the official Art Dubai web page.

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