The Dubai Museum of Illusions
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A new Museum of Illusions, which appeared in Dubai in 2018, has already gained great popularity among local residents and guests of the city, which means it deserves to become part of your cultural and entertainment program in the UAE.

The Dubai Museum of Illusions is the largest project of the worldwide network of the Museum of Illusions. The idea is to change the popular opinion that a museum is boring. The exhibits not only educate visitors but entertain, amuse, and, of course, surprise them. 

On an area of ​​450 square meters in the modern Al Seef, it was possible to harmoniously place 80 exhibits, which are a wide variety of optical, sensory holograms, installations, separate rooms, designed to excite the imagination of visitors and confuse them.

Museum visitors can take photos and interact with exhibits. Adventures await visitors in each room. Attraction Vortex Tunnel will make you believe that the earth is leaving from under your feet, and in the hall of mirrors you can get lost in millions of your reflections. A special chair and Ames room will take you to the land of giants and midgets, an anti-gravity room will violate all the laws of physics – water flows up there, and balls roll uphill. 

If you or your children have a desire to understand the essence of the optical and sensory illusions of the exhibits, the laws of physics, geometry, biology and psychology will come to your aid. Staying within the walls of the museum trains attentiveness, coordination of movements, develops spatial thinking and mathematical abilities in an entertaining way.

The museum also hosts festive events, and the gift shop offers props for magic tricks and creating illusions.

For more information, please visit the museum’s official website.