The Assembly 2021-2022 at Jameel Arts Centre
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The annual Jameel Arts Centre Youth Takeover has now started at the Assembly. It is a special experimental programme organised to foster creative young leaders, enable peer-to-peer exchange of ideas and to prompt self-initiated projects. It will run from the 18th of May to the 5th of June, 2022.

The Assembly 2021-2022 cohort such members as artist Alexis Javero, artist and curator Anita Shishani, researcher and writer Farah Fawzi Ali, multidisciplinary artist and researcher Lubnah Ansari, multimedia designer Raheed Allaf, visual artist Rashid Almheiri, photographer, writer and pedagogue Shama Nair and artist, student and music producer Sree.

This year, Smol, a journey towards the inner child, is the theme. The eight commissioned artists, including Assembly members and UAE-based young artists, are Anita Shishani, Ibrahim, Khaled Esguerra, Mango, Raheed Allaf, Rashid Almheiri, Vedika Kushalappa, YONI.

What the mediums and thematic concepts used in Smol symbolise is becoming more playful and curious. Returning to our childlike approach to the world, metaphorically and stylistically, artists colour outside the lines, draw on paper, use illustrations. That is why cribbles, smudges, and static are welcome in the works.

The 2022 takeover commissions are presented together with artwork loans from the Jameel Collection and the Endjavi-Barbé Art Collection. The playful, vibrant and non-linear nature of this collection guided the cohort to explore the inner child as the essence of their theme.

Also, the 2022 Youth Takeover features public programmes such as performances, screenings and workshops. This way guests get a lot of space to nurture and explore their own inner child.

The programme includes:

May, 18: Opening preview + sound activation

May, 20, 25 and 28: Zine workshop

May, 21: Zine workshop

May, 22: Photowalk

May, 22: Youth-led crafts market

May, 27: Screening + workshop

May, 28: Making workshop

May, 29: Talk

May, 29 and June, 4: Play

June, 4: Kids tour

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