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The Adventures of Pinocchio by Antonio Nocera in Oblong Contemporary Gallery
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The exhibition “The Adventures of Pinocchio” at Oblong Gallery by Italian artist Antonio Nocera is one to check out. 

And it’s not just the little wooden boy with a long nose you’ll see in the exhibition, but also butterflies, fairies, fest of colors and textures. The butterflies can be seen in most of artist’s works. He says they’re a reflection of freedom and spiritual change in the world. 

From glass and sand to sawdust, Nocera experiments with materials to ignite different effects on a canvas.

In 2002, artist Antonio Nocera illustrated a book “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. In the same year he inaugurated the exhibition “Pinocchio et la Lune ” at Paris Municipality, then at the European Parliament in Brussels. One of his permanent personal exhibition on Pinocchio is at Dantocchio Museum of Florence.

Now Oblong Contemporary Gallery hosts a beautiful exhibition “The Adventures of Pinocchio” until the 31th of January 2022.

The character Pinocchio has been a strong inspiration over the years of his life. Artist finds a new perspective on the moral that has stayed very close to him, every time he revisits the story. Which is why the figure of Pinocchio has been prevalent in Antonio’s works for over two decades.

Artist shows to us that whoever knows how to play lives better, whoever knows how to laugh escapes sadness, whoever imagines lives twice: a regular life like everyone else and one more life made up of dreams and fantasy.

Artists has an incredible biography. Born in Caivano, Antonio Nocera lived in Rome, Parma and Milan, where he held his first exhibitions. He later moved to Venice, Switzerland, France, Belgium and UK, seeking new experiences and to follow his instincts as a curious and insatious traveler.

Oblong Contemporary Gallery is specialised in the promotion of contemporary art by established and emerging international artists. As a gallery, Oblong is committed to representing a successful arena for culture, functioning as a bridge between the UAE and Italy.

Exhibition “The Adventures of Pinocchio” until the 31th of January 2022

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