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Kid Koala’s The Storyville Mosquito at NYUAD Arts Center
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Dubai welcomes a Middle East premiere, The Storyville Mosquito, a unique incredible show for the whole family to see. Co-commissioned by the Arts Center,  The Storyville Mosquito will be shown on Thursday and Friday, May 12th and 13th,  2022, at 7 pm at the Red Theater at NYUAD Arts Center.

The Storyville Mosquito is a live animated graphic novel performed, filmed and scored in real-time. The characters are cinematically brought to life by a group of performers, musicians, foley artists, and technicians with the use of miniature sets, puppets, multiple cameras and screens. The puppets tell the story accompanied by an original music soundtrack featuring a trio of musicians and Kid Koala (a Canadian scratch DJ, film composer, theatre producer, visual artist and multimedia performer) on turntables, keyboards, and electronics.

The plot of The Storyville Mosquito is quite inspiring. The story tells about a young mosquito who departs from his home town in the country to pursue fame and fortune in the big city. He dreams of playing in one of the most outstanding jazz bands of all time at Sid Villa’s Music Hall.

Kid Koala, Eric San, works with such genres as hip hop, ambient, alternative, contemporary classical, blues, classic rock and traditional jazz. He has already released five solo albums, collaborated with various artists and created amazing soundtracks. He has written music for The National Film Board of Canada, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, Adult Swim, The Winter Olympic Games, and contributed to musical scores of several films, including The Great Gatsby, Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Looper. He has composed for several video games, such as a soundtrack to Floor Kids, an award-winning multi-platform video game.

The themes of honesty, improvisation, inner voice, style, and collaboration can be traced in the show The Storyville Mosquito, which is the follow-up to Kid Koala’s highly successful Nufonia Must Fall Live – a stage performance, showing the progress of the craft, the art, and Kid Koala’s skills as a composer, writer, and director.

For more information, please visit www.nyuad-artscenter.org

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