Street Art La Mer
Spectacular Street Art at La Mer beach
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La Mer beach is deservedly considered one of the best in the region. This is a new public beach in the Jumeirah-1 area. It is equipped with everything you need. Moreover, along the beach, there is a promenade with many cafes and shops, decorated very creatively. It is here that local street art is flourishing: the walls of brown brick houses have been decorated with spectacular murals, and sewer pipes have turned into giant cocktail pipes. 

Full of colourful walls, this beachfront area of Dubai is a perfect place for Instagram shots. Colourful murals are waiting for you at almost every step, including on the walls of trendy restaurants, and even on the doors of the locker rooms at the local beach. From bananas to camels and cars, artworks can be found along sidewalks, across buildings and even on pavements. 

In addition, Dubai hosts the annual Dubai Canvas 3D street art festival, held at La Mer, JBR and City Walk. World-famous 3D street art artists present their artworks during the festival. In 2018, they left five murals on a permanent basis, which have already become a must-see for all street art lovers.

The Dubai Canvas 3D street art festival lasts only a week, and the total amount of the prize, which is shared by several lucky ones, is more than $600,000. For each day of the street art festival, a rich program is provided with workshops and presentations, where you can get to know the artists better and even learn some street art drawing techniques from them.

You might also be interested in walking down Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, where one can find a collection of street sculptures.